[Localization] New strings available / TamTam switch

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 11:28:01 EDT 2011

We have refreshed the templates for many Honey activities and there
may be new strings available for translation or old strings in need of
a quick review and "unfuzzying" because of a minor change in the
English original.

In addition, you will notice that for the most part, the TamTam
programs have been removed and all of their strings are now present in
the single TamTamSuite.po  I created a compendium of the four programs
combined and used that to transfer strings into the new single PO.
Where there were conflicting translations of the same string in
different TamTams, these are now present as a "fuzzy" string of the
pocompendium type.  These need to be reviewed and resolved by deleting
away the un-needed text, leaving behind only the desired string.  You
can easily find these by looking at the Review Tab for compendium
flagged entries, or by just going over 'fuzzy" strings.

Please note we haven't created all of the commit links for the new
TamTam yet, but we will get those active very soon, for now, just
getting the strings cleaned up and completed would be a great start.


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