[Localization] The Glorious Past of Sugar / OLPC Localization efforts

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 13:34:36 EST 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Sugar / OLPC localization community,

There has recently been major progress by OLPC Afghanistan in substantially
completing the strings for Dari and Pashto as well as efforts by  OLPC
Israel in Hebrew and some real progress on Khmer strings.  There may have
been others, this is certainly not an exhaustive listing.


An organized effort by OLPC_France has made great progress on FLOSS manuals

They've set a quite a mark for the Spanish team to catch up with.

Getting the manual translated on the FLOSS manuals site is important because
this is the localization process for the Help Activity.


The efforts of the Sugar / OLPC localization community in translating the
Pootle UI strings will be making it's way back to the upstream.  OLPC has a
number of languages that have not been translated before and a number of
additional strings to contribute to projects that are not completely




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