[Localization] Translators; A tale about one of the many unsung "heros" of OLPC

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Merci Bastien ! C'est bien gentil ! vous allez tous finir par me faire rougir :-) heureusement que c'est Obama qui est la vedete  2day :-))
Par-contre, un des XO a planté ! Sans raison aucune... impossible de l'éteindre sans enlever la batterie ! Mais l'autre a fait des vidéos de l'investiture ;-)

Cheers !

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Niklaus Giger <niklaus.giger at member.fsf.org> writes:

> You could see how she recalled the manual when she opened the XO, started it 
> up, went to the control panel, change the language from english -> french and 
> after a reboot the menu/help and everything appeared in French!
> I would like to thank publicly Cécile for her work.

Great to hear this!  OLPC France is really thankful for all the job
Cecile did so far -- kudos to her and thanks again!


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