[Localization] [Announce] Changing the terminology section

Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at mac.com
Wed Jun 25 13:15:53 EDT 2008

Alexander Dupuy escribió:
> Sayamindu - what options to poterminology did you use? Which .po/.pot 
> files are you using as input? Can you send me (off list) the generated 
> terminology file?
Having just got the announcement that the new terminology project is up, 
I can see that you didn't use the -F, --fold-titlecase (fold “Title 
Case” to lowercase) option, which I would highly recommend, as it will 
eliminate duplicate entries for "volume" and "Volume" etc. There may be 
other small tweaks that should be made as well (there are at least a few 
entries that should be blocked in the stopwords list, e.g. "This", 
"Your" etc. - although that may be due to the lack of case folding, so 
adding -F would already solve some of this).


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