[Localization] Help in translation techno centric strings

Juliano Bittencourt juliano at lec.ufrgs.br
Sun Jan 20 15:20:42 EST 2008

      Hello everyone,

      I was reviewing some translations made by Eduardo Silva  
(hoboprimate) to Brazilian Portuguese when I faced again the problem  
of translating some strings that are very techno centric and attached  
to the  code of the activities itself. For example, in the calculate  
activity we found the string of a error message "Equation.parse()  
string invalid (%s)". I can translate this error message to something  
like "Equação.avaliar() sentença invalida (%s)", however this will not  
make much sense both in portuguese and in the context of sentence. The  
function name will not be translated anyway, so I started wondering if  
I should translate this message to something like "Equation.parse()  
sentença invalida (%s)". Is this moment I started asking myself if  
this will make any sense to a children using this activity.
      In my past life, I used to develop software for children, and  
among my team the kind of language we used was always an important  
consideration when writing the messages. I brought this worry to the  
brazilian portuguese translation trying to use sentences and term that  
are very present in the students life, making easier their  
comprehension. But this kind of strings in particular are giving me a  
hard time. I checked the translation of other languages like spanish,  
and confirmed that most of the untranslated strings are of this kind  
of error messages.
      Anyone has some idea or consideration about how to proceed with  
this strings, so we can do the translations in a more consistent way?
      Sorry if I repeat a discussion that already happen. If so, just  
point me to the previous messages.

      Best regards,


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