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This is great Bastien. Keep up with the great work you're doing.

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Yesterday I updated the News page on the OLPC wiki:

Jude, this was in the wiki:

Haiti: It was a busy week at OLPC Haiti as the team wrapped up the summer camp at Republique de Chili. Every major television and radio station came out as well as several government officials, including the ministers of education and communication and public works. One of the second graders showed off her problem-solving skills to the minister of education. When her computer lost power as she was attempting to demonstrate her very impressive work in E-toys, the student ran to charge her laptop while a reporter held the minister's attention. Within five minutes she returned with a gentle tug on the minister’s sleeve, excited and determined to display her work. 


At the end of camp, the teachers wrote reports on their personal XOs for the Ministry of Education. They were uniformly enthusiastic about the program, and training team, and impressed with how the kids easily worked with one another. They thought the training period was too short, that the students’ parents should have been more involved and they asked for more content. 

The team spent the rest of the week working on the operations manual. This was both a content-driven task and a team-building exercise, led by national coordinator Guy-Serge Pompilus, and organized into three parts - administration, technology and pedagogy. 

The translation of Pootle is now 67 percent complete, and the core system is 97 percent finished. Translation of the Getting Started OLPC guide is in progress, and the team is double-checking the current translation because many volunteers did not use Haitian kryol. They also have started to translate Scratch, as well as finish Etoys. >>

Jude, it looks like Bastien and his team are beginning to move ahead on the translations and the implementation.  He is thinking in terms of completion in a couple of weeks.

Bastien, do you reside in Haiti? How many translators are working with you?


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