[Localization] Re: OLPC Kreyòl Localization

Marvin Demuth marvindemuth at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 17 09:15:40 EDT 2008

Jude just wrote me:

<<I may be mistaken. When I take a closer look 
this morning I suspect when I translate a string 
in one project, if it is the same string in an 
other project, it gets translated in the other 
project too.  Is there a way every translator can 
individually check how much they have translated 
in the entire project? (It does not make a 
difference really. All we need is get it translated)>>

In summary:

For Bastien: Is your team making any progress in 
getting started with Kreyòl translations?

For OLPC Central:  It is very important that the 
Haiti Project be implemented in a model way.  Is
there a target date that the translators should 
have in mind for having the translations 100%
completed?  Can you give us an update on the 
shipment and implementation of the 13,000 + XO laptops
to Haiti?

For other Kreyòl translators:  Haiti and OLPC need your help!

There is going to be an elaborate, funded, 
evaluation of the Haiti Project.  An adverse review of
the success of the Haiti Project can be very 
detrimental to OLPC's goals world-wide.  Everyone
needs to strive to make sure the Haiti Project is 
handled in the best way possible.  More importantly,
the impoverished children in Haiti needs this important resource.


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