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Christopher Sawtell csawtell at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 15:38:34 EDT 2008

On 9/17/08, adam hyde <adam at flossmanuals.net> wrote:
> hi,
>>> i can set up translations. however do you think a en_GB is really
>>> necessary?

>> Maybe, maybe not, it's not just the spelling. It's the total
>> grammatical structure of the written language. en_US grammar has been
>> pretty heavily influenced by the huge influx of central European
>> peoples to the US during the mid to latter half of the 18th. century.
> ok...and English spoken/written in the EU has not?

True. English as used in the EU is either Britons using their native
tongue, or Continental Europeans using en_GB as a second language. By
and large English as currently taught in Continental Europe conforms
to the en_GB norms of grammar and spelling.

[ ... ]

> I don't think an en_Gb translation is necessary.
That's your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However my
co-conversationalists on the IRC channel thought having a separate
en_GB language quite a good idea, particularly as the G1G1 scheme is
going to be extended to the whole of the EU shortly, which of course
includes the United Kingdom itself.

>> >> How does one get a new language ( or language patois ) set up?

>> >> There is mention of the 'git' source code control system. Do I need to
>> >> install that locally?

I still need answers to these questions.

btw, I wonder if you would be so kind and re-set your return address
in you email software so that replies to your list postings go to the
list automatically?

Sincerely etc.
Christopher Sawtell

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