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I, too, am having this trouble. I think we could significantly reduce the
problem by changing the main content page, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Content.
The content page gives no indication as to the current status of content on
olpc. I suggest that the page be reformatted to something like:


Content - in progress: (an area for people working on each subject to hash
everything out, post working documents, etc.)
* Links to content-specific wiki-pages (e.g.
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Health) *

Countries: (area for people who are working on country-specific material, a
place for people from content areas to come get country-specific answers)
* links to country-specif wiki-pages *

Content - finalized (material that is ready to ship)
* table of completed content *

How to donate material
* Blurb with link to extensive how-to *
How to contribute
* Blurb with link to extensive how-to *
How to translate
* Blurb with link to extensive how-to *


I think everything currently on or linked to the content page could be
translated into this structure.

Comments? Criticisms? other suggestions?

David Greisen

On Jan 31, 2008 2:09 PM, Bryan Berry <bryan at olenepal.org> wrote:

> Ed,
> I really struggle w/ this myself. I have a lot of trouble communicating
> what we are doing in Nepal and finding out what others are up to. We
> need to facilitate better communication b/w the pilot countries, OLPC,
> and volunteers. I suspect that the solution is only partly technical.
> OLPC really needs a full-time community manager. SJ currently is the
> community manager and director of Content. He just has way too much on
> his plate.
> OLPC should really consider hiring a full-time Community Manager. That
> person would need to understand both the open-source hacker community
> and field educators who don't use IRC, wikis, etc. but really care about
> kids.
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> Bryan W. Berry
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> I'm having trouble between this list and the Wiki just finding out
> who's involved and what's going on. We also need some way to get
> information from children with laptops about the "user experience".
> Better still, we need to bring children into this conversation and
> into the writing projects.
> Could we talk about how to provide better information for each other?
> --
> Edward Cherlin
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