[OLPC India] Hi All...Why taking product to market is so slow in laptop.org

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Sun Nov 18 08:12:14 EST 2012

This opinion seems to be floating around, in India a lot, at least in the
context of what there is on the web. Is it some kind of a propagated view?

I would love to see the confusion cleared with a demonstrable success story
of delivery of OLPC laptops in India because the OLPC laptop is quite
possibly the best thing that can happen to the education system and kids in
India as the country progresses towards technological superiority and such
views surely discourage institutions to think of adopting the olpc laptop
in their plans and budgets.


On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Pradyot Sahu <prady at ieee.org> wrote:

> Hi All...
> Have you ever wondered?
> Why taking product to market is so slow in laptop.org ?
> Thanks
> Prady
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