[OLPC India] [OT] Why it isn't a good idea to just hit reply

shirish shirishag75 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 00:31:24 EDT 2008

Hi all,
      I'm sure people on the list are very wise compared to a fool like me.
But still I'm going to try again to show and perhaps have feedback as to why
its not a good idea to just hit Reply and do top-posting.

The contents of this mail from what I have seen so far is going to become
India Digest, Vol 22, Issue 26.

Now, let's assume that some of the people have made their subscription
digest mode, which means they will get
the India Digest , Vol 22, Issue 26 which will contain this thread/subject
alongwith others.

1. When we write some subject, that subject becomes a potential start of a
topic/thread and its easier if the same subject is used .

In fact its easier for me to find out giving a combination like
"Scalability" or "deployments" and saying "Ananya" or "Satish" or whomsoever
one needs to find out in the archives. If it becomes Re: India Digest , Vol
22, Issue 25
then its much more difficult.

2. Its a great/good practise to trim unnecessary parts of the mail :-  Its
not a great idea to have the whole mail in your answer or for that matter
the whole digest.

Why? So many a times there is a big possibility of not knowing where your
content is. Sometimes people forget to add the content and stuff.

3. Somebody told me they use Outlook or Outlook Express (offline) and this
is the easiest method. Yes, its true, I use gmail and its easier to do that
but this is neater, nicer .

How am I supposed to teach (forget teaching, share anything ) if I start to
cut corners on such simple things.  And believe me, at the start it may take
time, but once you get the feel of doing things in a slightly different way,
its a 2 minute thing and the results are there for postierity (or till
either the list or google is up ) .

Comments, flames, suggestions all are welcome.
         Shirish Agarwal
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