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Mohit Nayar mohit87 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 11:05:42 EDT 2010


I recently joint this mailing list, I am a full time working professional at
EMC, Bangalore, India and am working Youth For Seva as a coordinator for
computer for schools program. I am working with OLPC bangalore community to
raise money for OLPC deployments in the area.

I was very excited to hear about the health related projects which are
working in integration with OLPC. I have a few questions regarding this:

1) Are there any health related hardware which can be directly deployed in
the field for a direct impact, If yes whom can i get in touch with regarding
the details, functions of such hardware . I am very interested in this
project as well as a lot of IT firms are looking for participation in this
sector, EMC for starters. If some hardware exists we could definitely put it
part of the OLPC deployment proposal i am submitting to EMC in the following

2) As part of Youth For Seva activities we organize several health camps for
the children and women in the country to provide preventive health care. If
there is a link where some simple, innovative techniques are available to
improve health care such as how to purify water, dispose waste etc I am sure
we can benefit from them.

I know this project is in infant stages but I would like to contribute as
well as learn. As volunteers I have access to translators as well as health

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