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Hi Mohit,

If you have time, please join us at 9am EDT on Monday for a Skype chat.
We'll be working out our plan for lessons and would love to speak with you!

For you and anyone else who doesn't know, my Skype handle is "notonfriday".


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On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Mohit Nayar <mohit87 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently joint this mailing list, I am a full time working professional
> at EMC, Bangalore, India and am working Youth For Seva as a coordinator for
> computer for schools program. I am working with OLPC bangalore community to
> raise money for OLPC deployments in the area.
> I was very excited to hear about the health related projects which are
> working in integration with OLPC. I have a few questions regarding this:
> 1) Are there any health related hardware which can be directly deployed in
> the field for a direct impact, If yes whom can i get in touch with regarding
> the details, functions of such hardware . I am very interested in this
> project as well as a lot of IT firms are looking for participation in this
> sector, EMC for starters. If some hardware exists we could definitely put it
> part of the OLPC deployment proposal i am submitting to EMC in the following
> week.
> 2) As part of Youth For Seva activities we organize several health camps
> for the children and women in the country to provide preventive health care.
> If there is a link where some simple, innovative techniques are available to
> improve health care such as how to purify water, dispose waste etc I am sure
> we can benefit from them.
> I know this project is in infant stages but I would like to contribute as
> well as learn. As volunteers I have access to translators as well as health
> professionals.
> Regards
> Mohit
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