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thanks for the info Beth
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  Hi all,

  Looking at Sandra's ideas, you could even put the Microsoft Word guide INTO Etoys itself and then structure ten lessons out of it using the book function. That way everything can be conserved into one medium rather than constantly flipping from .pdfs to Internet to Etoys back and forth.

  Say for example you created two weeks of material on HIV and AIDS, with ten 50-90 minute lessons. They could work together along a storyline that could keep kids engaged. You could use Etoys not only to illustrate complex ideas like epidemics and how they spread, but you could also have an all-inclusive lesson that provides written information, visual aids, interactive games and quizzes and other things all in one.

  Some ideas for AIDS lessons, looking at maybe 3-5 grades:

  (from http://schools.nyc.gov/Academics/FitnessandHealth/StandardsCurriculum/HIVAIDScurriculum#3)
    a.. How do we catch germs that make us sick? 
    b.. How does the body fight disease?
    c.. How does HIV affect the immune system?
    d.. What are healthy choices that people can make?
    e.. How can we get help when we have a problem?

  Also found a whole bunch of learning materials here: http://portal.unesco.org/education/en/ev.php-URL_ID=12167&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html


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    HI Jennifer,

       I read your OLPC wiki site and scanned the information on techology and education and HIV/AIDS. This is very exciting.  There are some great ideas here. Games and interactive activities is where we are also considering expanding our curriculums this next six months. e-Toys is a great target for that kind of interaction of children.  I'm just starting to get into the sample e-toys on epidemics.

    Our non-profit Small Solutions has an active HIV/AIDS team working in the field.  We might love to contribute to field testing of your product as well.   The group based in Kenya, a faith based charity, is in the process of planning now.  Let us know if this is a possibility.  I am attaching the high level design for building HIV/AIDS Curriculum in modules.

      I'll take a look at the activity link that you sent, and let me know if you are interested in a field test.  We have a couple of possible sites. Most important is that you get constructive feedback.

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