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In many Pacific Islands (actually those that are atolls) sanitation and
water go hand in hand.


Poor sanitation, mostly caused by rapid urbanization and overcrowding,
pollutes the lagoon (a source of food ) and the fresh water lens under
the atoll that they use for fresh water.


Handling each part separately may be necessary, but we also need to find
ways to get the students to investigate the linkages as well.


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Nice resources.  I looked over several. Some would work for us, some
wouldn't.  I notice that the data in the UNESCO materials is a bit out
of date. I wonder if more recent numbers are available.


In looking at the water and sanitation data from UNESCO, it seems that
Sanitation is the greater problem, so perhaps we should start with that
one?  One of the graphs even shows a couple of western European
countries as being behind in sanitation progress... Italy and Portugal.
Of course, the data is out of date, but it could still be a problem.


A couple of things to add to the Water list...  the Water Cycle,  Water
distribution methods (private wells, shared public wells, municipal
water systems, etc.)?


I also found a lind to things already on the OLPC wiki:




(some links on the page are out of date) It was put up in July 2008 by a
Robert Steiner, Executive Director (of what?). I glanced through the
Health mailing list and did not find him listed at all.  Still... we may
be re-inventing the wheel. Maybe we should see if we can find out who he
is and if anything has come of his project.




BTW, I assume you have heard about the gasoline additive, MTBE,
polluting drinking water in the USA?






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Hey all,


Here are some additional ideas for sanitation/water lesson structures. I
also found some awesome material on the UNICEF and water.org websites--
lesson plans that we may be able to incorporate into our curriculum.


You can download those at








1.	Intro: What is sanitation and why is it important?

2.	Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to wash your hands

3.	How to make soap

4.	What to do if you get diarrhea

5.	Proper disposal of human waste

6.	How to make a safe latrine

7.	Rehydration... how to



1.	Intro to water: different types of water, saltwater vs
freshwater, potable vs unpotable water

2.	Is "dirty" water always bad and "clean" water always good?

3.	What's in the water that you can and can't see that can hurt you

4.	How can you purify water?

5.	How to make a solar still

6.	Other ways to get safe water without burning up the rainforest
to do it

7.	Water and the environment- what human activity does to water
resources and why


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On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 10:50 AM, Beth Santos <beth at waveplace.org>

(S) Sanitation (six lessons so far)

(W) Water (five lessons so far)


S-What to do if you get diarrhea

S-Rehydration... how to 

S-How to make a safe latrine

S-Proper disposal of human waste

S-How to make soap

S-Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to wash your hands


W-What's in the water that you can and can't see that can hurt you

W-How can you purify water?

W-Is "dirty" water always bad and "clean" water always good?

W-How to make a solar still

W-Other ways to get safe water without burning up the rainforest to do


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