[Health] Thanks for the Great Feedback!

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Great! Thanks for the info Chris. I'll check out the resources.




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On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Tribley, Lloyd
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On VistA I'll go ahead and contact Indian Health Services. I believe
they have actual implementation training available. I also have a
message into our VistA technical expert. 


Looks like IHS uses something they call RPMS



that uses VISTA Imaging elements 



and has otherwise been hooked up to be VISTA-compatible for intra-agency





	If you have the contact with the Dept. of Global Health
conference I can follow up on the health care side. I met a
representative from the UN Secretariat at my last presentation who
indicated she would network me to the WHO and possibly an NGO following
up the children with disability piece. We'll see what happens. At the
conference we were dealing with issues on the Convention on the Rights
of Persons with Disabilities and the International Bill of Human Rights.


Here's a rich hunting ground for info on "Disability, inclusion and



And with Hesperian Foundation cooperation already established, this is a
good candidate



Plus,it's already available in Spanish









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