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On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

>  Dan,
> All subscribers to any OLPC mailing list can get a password reminder as
> follows:
>     http://lists.laptop.org/options/MAILING_LIST
> So in your case:
>     http://lists.laptop.org/options/support-gang
> --Holt
> Daniel Bennett wrote:
> Hi Mel,
>  Great Post.  +1 here.  Just a quick question.  I can't seem to get past
> the login screen when trying to view the archived support gang email from
> March:
>> 5. Is there a possibility of publishing emails like the ones on
>> http://lists.laptop.org/private/support-gang/2009-March/005198.html so
>> that people not on the private support-gang mailing list can see them?
>  I'm on the support gang, but it's not accepting any of my passwords
> (teamwiki, rt, etc.)  I also don't believe that I've ever been asked to
> associate my email address with a password via the support gang either.
>  It's always been a username, right?
>  Any clue on how to view that email?
>  Thanks,
> -Dan
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>> Today's Topics:
>>   1. What's up with OLPCorps? (Mel Chua)
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>> Message: 1
>> Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 01:23:15 -0400
>> From: Mel Chua <mel at melchua.com>
>> Subject: [Grassroots-l] What's up with OLPCorps?
>> To: OLPC Grassroots list <grassroots at lists.laptop.org>
>> Cc: Paul Commons <commons at laptop.org>
>> Message-ID: <49B5F943.5010302 at melchua.com>
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>> Ok, I'm going to be somewhat presumptious here.
>> I've been watching the community reactions to
>> http://www.onehereonethere.org and the OLPCorps program and have been
>> hearing a lot of frustrations and a lot of questions - the vast majority
>> of which I share, actually - and decided to ping Paul Commons to see
>> what I could learn about what they were trying to do. We just had our
>> first conversation tonight, over the phone; it was a tough but good
>> conversation, and can be generally summarized by "there's a community of
>> very smart and awesome people out there and you should talk with them
>> and ask them things." "how?"
>> To go out on a limb here - and I could be wrong - it seems to me that at
>> least some of this frustration comes from (1) Paul being still in the
>> middle of learning how to work with the kind of volunteer communities
>> that OLPC has, and (2) from the impression that after multiple years and
>> untold thousands of man-hours of volunteering for OLPC without much in
>> the way of thanks or support, here drops this BLESSED PROJECT! from the
>> sky with these people you have never heard of with no prior contribution
>> record that you know of magically getting all these resources from 1cc,
>> including lots of shiny press, for no apparent reason, and that just
>> seems... unfair. Regardless of the actual situation, I'm guessing that
>> it might /seem/ that way to some people. (It did to me, and still kind
>> of does, though I know that's likely due to me missing huge swaths of
>> the story.)
>> I still don't know the actual situation. It's kind of silly to think
>> that anybody does. But I think I know a little more now, enough to
>> conclude that we can't deal with (2) until (1) gets a little further
>> along - so I was really happy to hear that Paul is trying to make the
>> workings of OLPCorps more transparent and trying to figure out how to
>> respond to the feedback - especially the criticism - we've offered on
>> many different forums. He needs help/advice on how to do it - learning
>> the unwritten rules of how to participate in a new community is hard.
>> In that vein, and with the long prelude finished, instead of asking Paul
>> all the questions I had over the phone, we agreed that I would send a
>> first round of my questions about OLPCorps out over a public mailing
>> list (hi!) so that Paul could respond and we could continue our dialog,
>> so here it is. (Paul, I know you're incredibly busy right now, so holler
>> back when you have time.)
>> 1.It's hard to get a sense of who you are and what you're working on
>> from the (very professional!) descriptions! at
>> http://www.onehereonethere.org/board.asp. When we talked on the phone
>> tonight. You told me a far more interesting backstory about how your
>> involvement and the OLPCorps project started, and how you worked alone
>> for a long time on an unsupported project to make this happen before it
>> was picked up and supported by 1cc, which is inspiring (and encouraging
>> and instructional for those of us who've been trying to get support for
>> our own projects for a while. ;) How can we hear more about this?
>> 2. What previous deployments (including "unofficial" grassroots
>> deployments like http://blog.olenepal.org/,
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Boston pilots, http://waveplace.com/, and
>> http://www.olpcfriends.org as well as the many deployment teachers at
>> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-sur) have you spoken to? What was
>> their reaction/feedback? How will what you're doing affect/help their
>> deployments?
>> 3. Ditto above for
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/University_chapters#University_Groups, noting
>> that not all students volunteering for OLPC are in university, not all
>> university students volunteer as part of a group, and not all groups are
>> listed on that page.
>> 4. Why are we emailing olpccorps at laptop.org for more information or to
>> offer help? Why not olpccorps at lists.laptop.org, where people can view
>> previous introductions and comment on and welcome new inquirers? (It
>> won't happen automatically - opening something publicly up to volunteers
>> will not magically solve all your problems - but this makes it possible
>> for us to help.)
>> 5. Is there a possibility of publishing emails like the ones on
>> http://lists.laptop.org/private/support-gang/2009-March/005198.html so
>> that people not on the private support-gang mailing list can see them?
>> Can we see the rough planning emails that have been going back and
>> forth, and otherwise see why you made the decisions you made, what
>> you're trying to figure out, and what you're having trouble with so that
>> we can help? (There are a good number of people here who have run or
>> mentored internship programs before.) I know they're rough and show a
>> lot of mistakes - this is the equivalent of publishing your source code
>> so that other people can help you find and fix the bugs. We know from
>> all the things you've made so far that you can definitely operate very
>> professionally and produce polished things when you need to, but it's
>> hard to get invested and involved if we can't see and join the
>> conversation.
>> I have a million more questions about training, publicity, follow-up,
>> sustainability, how you'll gauge your impact, etc. but I'll save them
>> for a second round. ;)
>> --Mel
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