[Grassroots-l] What's up with OLPCorps?

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Tue Mar 10 12:49:15 EDT 2009

Hi, Paul and all - quick update.

The folks over at OLPCnews and I just had a quick conversation and they 
asked if it would be okay to cover the discussion we've just started on 
this thread.

Right now it's one-sided (read: full of Mel pontificating - we haven't 
really given you enough time to respond), but they suggested a first 
post to start ongoing coverage of this conversation, and then talking 
with you when you have time to cover your perspective/responses to the 
grassroots list, so that you get to share your story and your thoughts 
too. They have a wide readership among the various OLPC community groups 
and can probably help us understand each other better.

(Don't let this distract you from the work you have to do to get this 
program to exist, though! I'm hoping the time investment in "working 
with the community" will pay off as people find ways to pitch in and 
help you make this happen in a stronger way.)


PS: I've gotten a number of private emails since this thread started, 
and they're full of great insights - I'd love to see some of those 
thoughts shared with this list as well. Don't leave me standing 
awkwardly alone here. ;)

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