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Jeff Mascornick jjm4114 at yahoo.com
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Thank you Steve!
I am wondering about the LINUX based XO - I'm part of a team applying to deploy XOs to Tanzania and we are looking into incorporating GPS for cultural exchange/learning, environmental education and/or some other purposes. 

So, if anyone has info on using any GPS on Linux based XOs, please let me know. (Also, what our team may do is get Windows PCs for each of the classrooms where ArcMap is used [since this may be the easiest way] and the children could incorporate their XOs once the end result of the project is on a website.)
Anyway, I am asking about Linux based possibilities. 

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On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 10:24 PM, Jeff Mascornick <jjm4114 at yahoo.com>
> I would like to rephase my question please. I understand that there are
> issues involved with XOs and all of that ----- I am wondering if any one
> knows whether GPS units/software will be compatible with the newest
> of XO laptops.

"...newest versions of XO laptops."

You might need to clarify your question to get good feedback.

Are you asking about the already-released XO-1 hardware model, the
yet-to-be-developed XO-2 hardware model, or about a particular
software release version (and which one) for the XO's?

Specifically, you should let the list know whether you are looking for
GPS software to run under Linux or Windows.

It appears you're looking for Windows software (since Arcmap is
Windows based) and I don't think many people in the Grassroots
community have had any access to XO's running Windows.

Steve Holton
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