[Grassroots-l] Measure Activity - proposal for inclusion in OLPC build

Arjun Sarwal arjun at laptop.org
Mon Sep 22 14:33:10 EDT 2008


I saw some emails go by regarding inclusion of Activities and since I
don't have access to a reliable internet connection these days, I am
going to share some thoughts. My apologies if they are out of sync
with the sequence of discussions on the topic.

I would like to propose Measure Activity to be included in the build.

This is becuse The Measure Activity, :

(1)  Allows kids to connect with their physical world.  And, do this
with a minimal cost and with low cost sensors.
(2)  Allows one to do a host of learning-by-doing experiments that
allow for learning by exploration and by 'actively constructing
situations and their environment'
(3)  Provides instant feedback (eg. make sound and see waveform) and
is also  a deeper exploratory and reflective tool (record sensor
values over an interval and use them in a project. After recording
sensor values they appear in the journal as a csv file)
(4)  Exposes the low-cost sensor and Analog-input functionality of the
laptop, that otherwise is not exposed by any other software/activity
(5)  Allows for a host of self-monitoring health related -peripherals.
A number of such low cost ECG/EKG peripherals have been designed and
implemented around the Activity. In order to allow such peripherals,
presence of such an Activity becomes imperative.
(6)  Has an active community following. Please see the Measure wiki
page, the pages linked off the main page and the Talk page to see the
huge number of projects documented, contributions and feedback from
the community.

The latest release (candidate) that I made two weeks back is 19 and its link is

I have tested it in 8.2-759 and found it to be working fine

Although feature additions have been slow (and thoughtful) to the
Activity, I commit to continue to maintaining the Activity and follow
the release, translation schedules etc.

Suggestions/Criticism/Feedback welcome!

Thanks and best,

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