[OLPC-Games] Treenimation project: implementation strategy

Eduardo Baião eduardobaiao at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 05:40:02 EDT 2007

Hi Mike,

IMHO, developing a Delphi version will be a waste of time, resources,
and it avoids other OLPC guys to help you with the project.

If I was you, I'll try to spend some time learning Pyhton, to build
all with this language.

2007/11/3, Mike Hahn <mike at aprom.com>:
> Hi all,
> I am seeking feedback from the OLPC community in regards to my recently
> announced Treenimation project (make your own multiplayer board games). I
> was planning to use Delphi to implement it, but was advised by Luke and
> Roberto that using Python was a better way to go.
> I propose the following compromise, whereby I use Python to implement the
> Treenimation Runtime (which lets you play games created using Treenimation
> Builder), but maintain 2 versions of the rest of the project (Treenimation
> Builder). The Windows version would be in Delphi, and the more limited Linux
> version would be in Python.
> What do members of games at laptop.org think? Do people think that's a good
> idea or a stupid idea? For more info please read my latest blog entry. Thank
> you for your patience.
> Regards,
> Mike Hahn
> http://www.treenimation.net
> http://treenimation.blogspot.com
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