[OLPC-Games] gaming assets

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Feb 22 21:58:20 EST 2007

Kent Quirk noted tonight that the art assets for the Sims are all out 
there and available; what other assets related to projects old or new are 
available under free licenses?  To track down : tile libraries; software 
libraries to manage available tiles / sprites / animations.

What has happened to your favorite old games?  Who owns the rights now?
Are copies still sold anywhere?

  - Sid Meier: Tycoons and more
  - WW: SimEarth, SimAnts, SimCity
  - The Incredible Machine (original flavor)
  - Wonder Kitchen
  - Gertrude's Secrets (!)
  - Crime and Punishment
  - Oregon Trail XIV
  - The Typing of the Dead
  - ...


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