[OLPC-Games] gaming assets

jofate at jotaro.com jofate at jotaro.com
Fri Feb 23 22:38:52 EST 2007

> Kent Quirk noted tonight that the art assets for the Sims are all out
> there and available; what other assets related to projects old or new are
> available under free licenses?  To track down : tile libraries; software
> libraries to manage available tiles / sprites / animations.

There are a few free game graphics sets here:


The artist is apparently one who worked on Tyrian, the old DOS-based
shoot-em-up from Epic Megagames.  There are some tiles that would be
appropriate for RPGs, RTS games, or arcade games.  There's no specific
license given, but it sounds like he'd be amenable to a Creative
Commons-style license if asked.

-- Joe

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