[OLPC-Games] Using gamepad built into OLPC?

Thuan Ta thuan.ta at utoronto.ca
Fri Apr 27 14:49:15 EDT 2007


This is my first time posting to this mailing list.  I'm a 3rd/4th year 
student at UofT studying Comp Sci and I recently got the interest to 
contribute to OLPC-gaming.  I am disappointed to find that there was a 
Google SoC for OLPC game related work but obviously the entry submission 
deadline has already passed. :(

Anyway, I had a chance to play with the actual OLPC laptop a few weeks 
ago and I was surprised to see a "gamepad" built into the laptop.  I've 
look around on the wiki and can't find any info about it.  Also the 
PyGame implementation wiki says that the Joystick module may or may not 
be included - so how would one go about making use of the built in 
gamepad in PyGame w/o this module?


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