[OLPC-Games] Kindersite Project and OLPC

Kindersite Joel joel_josephson at kindersite.org
Sat Apr 28 15:02:48 EDT 2007

An introduction. I am the founder and Executive Director of the online 
educational resource, the Kindersite Project http://www.kindersite.org The 
Kindersite has received registrations from 17,100 schools in 150 countries. 
The Kindersite is used for:
  a.. The introduction of technology to very young children
  b.. English as a second language and as a first language (EFL/ESL)
  c.. Special needs (Autism/Deaf)
generally for students ages 2 years to 10years, depending on the usage. The 
Kindersite consists of 100s of links, directly to games, songs and stories 
suitable and graded for this learning group.

I am unsure if the OLPC can use the resource, most of the content requires 
Flash. Possibly this can be checked. The resource is available freely over 
the Internet and I would be honoured if the Kindersite could be used on the 

Joel H Josephson. Executive Director
joel.josephson at kindersite.org
Where children play and teachers learn
Stockholm Prize Finalists
European Union Projects: Don’t Give Up, ALL, TOOL2, Chain Stories, Languages 
from the Cradle, FaceIt


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