[OLPC-Games] Gcompris on the XO

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at free.fr
Tue Apr 17 15:32:26 EDT 2007

Le mardi 17 avril 2007 à 08:03 +0545, Bryan Berry a écrit :
> Bruno, 
> Awesome to see that you are playing w/ Gcompris on the XO. I love
> gcompris and have had a blast playing the different games. If you ever
> get around to "sugarizing" gcompris.  Pls let us know.

Sure we are. We would love to come up with a solution that make it easy
for us to built Sugar compatible activities. More, we would love to find
a way to work the other way, use Sugar designed activities in GCompris.
Nobody mentioned this but it's important to give the opportunity to
children having regular PCs to run these educational content.

>   We would love to localize it for Nepal. 

If you talk about GCompris, there is already a translation but it's not
up todate (63%). We are in string freeze and will make a final 8.3 at
the end of this week, please contact the translator mentioned in the po
file or the Nepali gnome translation team:

>  Also, it would be awesome if you could build in a simple IDE so less
> techie people (like me) or kids could quickly build games.

We don't work on this but I saw the idea around of having an edit button
in each activity on the XO. I bet there will be a such feature coming,
not specifically from GCompris. Currently, to start on GCompris the best
documentation we have it here:

>   Since that would be a substantial development effort, you could
> possibly approach the OLPC Foundation for resources.  I believe they
> are currently accepting proposals  www.laptopfoundation.org.

I received an XO, it's already a good start. We are not specifically
looking for money, we are not organized in a way to accept it for now.
Currently, GCompris is a hobby project, it has all been done on my spare
time, plus the generous contributions.
Bruno Coudoin
http://gcompris.net Free educational software for kids
http://toulibre.org Logiciel Libre à Toulouse

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