[OLPC-Games] Gcompris on the XO

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at free.fr
Tue Apr 17 13:48:57 EDT 2007

Le mardi 17 avril 2007 à 16:50 +0200, stas zytkiewicz a écrit :
> I assume schoolsplay would also be a nice program to have on OLPC.

Well, please understand the situation, in GCompris or Childsplay, there
are 2 parts, an activity manager and a set of activities.

My perception is that Sugar IS the activity manager, there is already an
API to create a Sugar activity. Now you can create a second level,
having Sugar that starts an activity (GCompris, Childsplay,
Basictivity, ...) and that activity can manage and run specific
activities but it's not the best approach in my opinion.

I believe our activities should be ported and build directly at the
first level because Sugar will have to implement a way to manage
activities (local or remote install/remove). I don't think it make sense
to create the same activity management code for each sugar activities.

If we want to build a large number of activities, we need to be sure
Sugar provides a proper API for that. That's why I mentionned the
GCompris API not because it can be reused but because it contains all we
identified as useful over our 7 years of development. 

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