[OLPC-Games] Activity API

stas zytkiewicz stas.zytkiewicz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 09:11:31 EDT 2007

On 4/17/07, bruno.coudoin at free.fr <bruno.coudoin at free.fr> wrote:
> Selon stas zytkiewicz <stas.zytkiewicz at gmail.com>:
> > I agree with your concerns and but childsplay/schoolsplay is based on pygame
> > and it runs unchanged on OLPC with good animation speeds and sound playing.
> > So I don't think it's better to port the gcompris activities to
> > schoolsplay instead of trying to reinvent schoolsplay :-)
> Stas, good to see you there. For your information, GCompris also run fine
> unchanged on the XO, including the sound. I just did a 'yum gcompris' and
> here is the result:
> http://gcompris.net/incoming/gcompris_on_xo.jpg
Cool, you have a real laptop.
You have the advantage there, I must use qemu :-(
BTW, how does one get hold of a OLPC board?

> I don't want to push GCompris as being the solution, it is clearly not. I just
> want to share our 7 years experience to help put this project on track as
> fast as possible.
It's not about *the* solution, but as pygame was announced as the
preferred edugame
solution for OLPC it seems logical to take schoolsplay as a starting point.


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