[Etoys] Testing when a morph is dropped in another morph

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Wed Mar 25 12:22:12 EDT 2009

Thanks for sharing your idea, it brings a fresh view on the activity I
can prepare for the teacher.


2009/3/25 K. K. Subramaniam <subbukk at gmail.com>:
> On Wednesday 25 Mar 2009 6:24:15 pm you wrote:
>> So the kids should be able to pick up from the containers an overlay
>> and drop it in a target. Depending on the overlay composition a CO2
>> gaz effect value is calculated and used to design a visual user
>> feedback for the kid (flooding..)
> You could allot the activity (holder) a given amount of CO2 (say 1 million).
> For each vehicle, factory, tree etc. allot a CO2 generation rate (+10 for
> cars, -2 for a tree etc). Have a script in the activity iterate over all its
> contents and add its CO2 generation rate to its current count. Compute
> temperature rise from CO2 levels and set the flooding level to increase in
> temperature.
> Have the students program the CO2 rate for different objects and try them out
> in the activity. A big tree consume more CO2 than a small tree. This can be
> done by tying generation rate to the size (length*width).
> Objects like trees could be made to shrink if the CO2 levels are insufficient
> to meet their needs and that would affect sustainability of life (after all,
> plants make food for us). You could compute an indicator for the ability of
> activity to sustain life. If levels are high, then objects which increase CO2
> could be flashed to indicate danger to the ecosystem.
> A wonderful project to stimulate thinking about our environment.
> HTH .. Subbu


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