[Etoys] Testing when a morph is dropped in another morph

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 09:39:47 EDT 2009

On Wednesday 25 Mar 2009 6:24:15 pm you wrote:
> So the kids should be able to pick up from the containers an overlay
> and drop it in a target. Depending on the overlay composition a CO2
> gaz effect value is calculated and used to design a visual user
> feedback for the kid (flooding..)
You could allot the activity (holder) a given amount of CO2 (say 1 million). 
For each vehicle, factory, tree etc. allot a CO2 generation rate (+10 for 
cars, -2 for a tree etc). Have a script in the activity iterate over all its 
contents and add its CO2 generation rate to its current count. Compute 
temperature rise from CO2 levels and set the flooding level to increase in 

Have the students program the CO2 rate for different objects and try them out 
in the activity. A big tree consume more CO2 than a small tree. This can be 
done by tying generation rate to the size (length*width).

Objects like trees could be made to shrink if the CO2 levels are insufficient 
to meet their needs and that would affect sustainability of life (after all, 
plants make food for us). You could compute an indicator for the ability of 
activity to sustain life. If levels are high, then objects which increase CO2 
could be flashed to indicate danger to the ecosystem.

A wonderful project to stimulate thinking about our environment.

HTH .. Subbu

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