[Etoys] Quick testing of Etoys on Windows7

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 08:37:30 EDT 2009

Hi all.
As Rita is trying to run Etoys on Windows7 (discussed in squeak-dev),
I also tried it :-)

I had to make small twaek on installer script;
It checkes windows version and change file layout and replace some
file (browser plugin).
The trick was Win7 has its own version number "6.1" that the script
was't aware of,
(Vista is 6.0). Win7 is very similar to vista, so I made the script do
same stuff for win7.

With modified installer, Etoys is installed successfully, run without
gotchas during making security key,
run in IE8 (without protection mode though).
This is just result quick testing.,,   I will test it extensively.

How can I contribute the modified scripts?


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