[Etoys] Etoys Quick Guides

Ted Kaehler Ted at VPRI.org
Thu Mar 19 15:04:02 EDT 2009

	After much discussion last year, we decided that Quick Guides 
would not be translated in the normal Etoys way.  The layout of the 
text on the small pages of the Guides is important, and automatic 
translation was not working well for that.
	The way to translate is to copy a guide out of the flap with 
the green handle, edit the text, and then save the current project 
using the same name as the project.  I then convert these to .sexp 
format.  Unconverted project files in the QuickGuides folder also 
work.  You can try out your new guides that way.
	To use the guides in German, replace the QuickGuides folder 
with a new one that has German guide projects in it.

	Yes, I am the person who knows how to prepare guides for the 
release.  I make them in to .sexp files and put them in a folder. 
You then commit the folder to SVN, and do the normal build process. 
(I'll need to look at my notes and remember all of this.)


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