[Etoys] 2 button mouse confusion

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Feb 3 06:41:33 EST 2009

On 03.02.2009, at 11:50, Rita Freudenberg wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Have just switched over to a recent EToys image (about this system
>> says EToys 3.1 latest update 2177).  I have a 2 button mouse
>> (well, a
>> touchpad with 2 buttons underneath), and I want to access both
>> halos and context menus.
> On my Windows PC (XP) it works quite well, I can access both menus:
> right-mouse-button for halo and middle-mouse-button for context-menu.
> But on my Laptop with touchpad and three buttons underneath and I have
> the same problems like you, Simon: I just get the halo and no  
> context-menus.
> Rita

What if you press the modifiers (alt, ctrl, both) when left-clicking?  
And I assume the swapMouseButtons preference is disabled?

- Bert -

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