[Etoys] NOSifying etoys.image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun Sep 21 22:00:12 EDT 2008


>     What version of Squeak is etoys.image based on?

  I'd like to try it tomorrow, but the short answer here is that it is
based on the mainstream Squeak3.8-6665, with a lot of changes around
UI and the tile scripting system.  I don't think there is a
significant change since then.  (But there are a few issues around FFI
and it is basically left unfixed, and the compilers treatment around
nil in the literal array has changed, etc.

>     What are the chances that I can get the same, but based on a newer
> image?

  The chances are very slim^^;  Getting FFI going in the Etoys image
would be simpler.

>     If anybody is interested in giving me a hand here, I'll help you get
> started with SqueakNOS, and from there it'll be just Squeak as you are
> used to it.


-- Yoshiki

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