[Etoys] Project file with massive Smalltalk source code

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Sat Sep 20 06:48:42 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I have been experimenting the reliability of project file (.pr) with
DrGeo Smalltalk source code
With the help of Bert I produced an .pr file containing in the default
changeset the drgeo source.
The project file is at http://download.gna.org/istoa/drgeo/DrGeoII.pr

So far loading the .pr file in the default Etoys environment as
provided by Squeakland is ok.
Then experimenting and saving a Drgeo consutrction went fine, Etoys
asked if the current change set modification should be saved as well.
Responding yes, the project is saved just fine with the source code.

Next when reloading the newly created project from an empty Etoys
image produce an error about
Syntax error: (See log file)

But it looks like some portion of the DrGeo code was left over when resaving it.
For example I have a fix Float>>arcTan2: in category *DrGeo-fixing
And the syntax error appears in a method using it.

Any ideas ?


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