[Etoys] Project file with massive Smalltalk source code

Karl Ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 08:09:19 EDT 2008

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been experimenting the reliability of project file (.pr) with
> DrGeo Smalltalk source code
> With the help of Bert I produced an .pr file containing in the default
> changeset the drgeo source.
> The project file is at http://download.gna.org/istoa/drgeo/DrGeoII.pr
> So far loading the .pr file in the default Etoys environment as
> provided by Squeakland is ok.
> Then experimenting and saving a Drgeo consutrction went fine, Etoys
> asked if the current change set modification should be saved as well.
> Responding yes, the project is saved just fine with the source code.
> Next when reloading the newly created project from an empty Etoys
> image produce an error about
> Syntax error: (See log file)
> But it looks like some portion of the DrGeo code was left over when resaving it.
> For example I have a fix Float>>arcTan2: in category *DrGeo-fixing
> And the syntax error appears in a method using it.
> Any ideas ?
> Hilaire

I tested to file out the DrGeo change set from the project and it give a 
warning about slips, there are two references to Transcript.

When I commented out those it was fine to reload a saved project.


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