[Etoys] Lisp50 at OOPSLA -- Celebrating the 50th birthday of Lisp at OOPSLA 2008

Robert Hirschfeld robert.hirschfeld at gmx.net
Thu Sep 18 14:37:53 EDT 2008

Lisp50 at OOPSLA
...celebrating the 50th birthday of Lisp at OOPSLA 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
co-located with OOPSLA 2008
participation is free for all OOPSLA participants
registration for at least one conference day at OOPSLA is required

URL: http:www.lisp50.org
Feed: http://lisp50.blogspot.com

Invited Speakers

+ William Clinger, Northeastern University, USA
+ Pascal Costanza, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
+ Richard Gabriel, IBM Research, USA
+ Rich Hickey, Independent Consultant, USA
+ Alan Kay, Viewpoints Research Institute, USA
+ Fritz Kunze, USA
+ Ora Lassila, Nokia Research Center, USA
+ John McCarthy, USA
+ Kent Pitman, PTC, USA
+ Guy Steele, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, USA
+ Herbert Stoyan, University of Erlangen, Germany
+ Warren Teitelman, Google Inc., USA
+ JonL White, USA

Titles, abstracts, biographies and schedule will be announced at the
Lisp50 webpage and blog in the coming days and weeks.


In October 1958, John McCarthy published one in a series of reports about
his then ongoing effort for designing a new programming language that
would be especially suited for achieving artificial intelligence. That
report was the first one to use the name LISP for this new programming
language. 50 years later, Lisp is still in use. This year we are
celebrating Lisp's 50th birthday. OOPSLA 2008 is an excellent venue for
such a celebration, because object-oriented programming benefited heavily
from Lisp ideas and because OOPSLA 2008 takes place in October, exactly
50 years after the name Lisp has been used publicly for the first time.
We will have talks by John McCarthy himself, and numerous other
influential Lispers from the past five decades. We will also take a look
at the next 50 years of Lisp.


+ Pascal Costanza, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
+ Richard Gabriel, IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY, USA
+ Robert Hirschfeld, Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Potsdam, Germany
+ Guy Steele, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Burlington, MA, USA

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

Supported by
+ IBM Research
+ LispWorks Ltd
+ Franz Inc.
+ Clozure Associates


Robert Hirschfeld
hirschfeld at acm.org

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