[Etoys] Possible to load/import project from file without going to World Menu?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 9 04:37:18 EDT 2008

Am 09.09.2008 um 07:13 schrieb Yoshiki Ohshima:

> At Tue, 9 Sep 2008 00:59:07 +0000,
> Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>> Today I realized that I do not know how to import a project from  
>> file without
>> going to World Menu - or is hiding the filesystem as a way of sharing
>> discouraged (not a bad thing but still surprised me).

If you download a file using the Browse activity it is placed in the  
Journal. If you plug in a USB drive, it shows up in the Journal. You  
can copy a file from the Journal the Clipboard, and paste it from  
there into an activity. An activity can also bring up a dialog that  
lets the user pick a file from the Journal directly.

These are what the Sugar UI designers envision to be the only ways to  
interact with files. The file system is intentionally hidden.

>> Some forms of saving project gave error - reported on trac.
>  Thanks!  I commented on that, too.

Me too - this is Not A Bug.

An activity like Etoys cannot write to the /home/olpc directory  
because it is not running as user olpc. This is the fabled "Rainbow"  
security in action (see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Low-level_Activity_API#Security 
  if you are interested in some details).

- Bert -

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