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antonio antoniomoreno at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Thu Oct 23 04:26:10 EDT 2008

Is not possible to get the control after neither with Alt +.  !?

Most of students says EtoyFriendly is "too much shamefaced" for them,
and do menu item is wonderful, this is clear for me.
Perhaps it is only a question of a specific balloon help at do menu item
(not only the actual "do the menu item"), something like: ".... Warning:


El mié, 22-10-2008 a las 15:01 -0700, Scott Wallace escribió: 

> On Oct 22, 2008, at 1:44 AM, antonio wrote:
> > at v4, etoys mode:
> >
> > - create an instance, of ellipse for example,
> > - create a script with the order (cat. miscellaneous) do menu  
> > item_adhere to edge...
> > - run the script
> >     then (and not before) appear the menu with options (bottom,  
> > left...) but you never more can clear of it.
> Indeed.
> "Do menu item" offers the opportunity to execute any menu item  
> contained in an object's "halo menu" programatically.
> Most menu items are fine to use this way, even in a ticking script,  
> because they simply execute.  But some menu items result in a  
> secondary prompt or menu being put up, and when invoking such a menu  
> item in a continuously-running (ticking) script, the follow-on prompt  
> or menu will continuously be put up, so that your user will always be  
> in a state of needing to respond to the prompt or menu, thus denying  
> her the chance to do anything else interactively.
> So...  There are various ways in etoys that you can "hose yourself",  
> particularly through injudicious use of a ticking script.  This is a  
> good example.
> We could, case by case, try to reduce the number of such danger  
> points, but I don't think we can altogether eliminate them without  
> unacceptably limiting the expressive power of the system.  (e.g. in  
> this example, there's no problem at all unless/until the user chooses  
> to set the script to "ticking"...)
> One proposal (from Yoshiki) to reduce the chance of abuse of "do menu  
> item" is not to offer "do menu item" in the viewer unless the  
> eToyFriendly flag is turned off.  What do people think of that idea?
> Cheers,
>    -- Scott
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