[Etoys] Feature future Re: The New Etoys image

Karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Tue Feb 19 06:27:00 EST 2008

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On Feb 19, 2008, at 5:12 , Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>>>> Also, could you comment how does 2.3 and 3.0 relate to the non- 
>>>> OLPC version
>>> announced in earlier post "A new experimental version of OLPC  
>>> image for
>>> non-XO environments".
>>   The new non-OLPC version (Squeakland-Etoys) will based on Etoys 3.0,
>> but besides the version number, Etoys 3.0 will accumulate incremental
>> changes from Etoys 2.3, so, there aren't too big differences.
> 3.0 really is only an incremental step over 2.3, it could as well  
> have been named 2.4. The reason to go with 3.0 was simply because we  
> wanted a new sources file (EtoysV3.sources). We do not expect to  
> introduce major incompatibilities or even features in this line of  
> development. It has to go stable now. Contributions from the  
> community are welcome, but the core team will not add features. There  
> certainly will be improvements, one biggie is better international  
> text rendering, another restoration of media playback, but from a  
> user's point of view Etoys can be considered pretty much feature- 
> complete.
I know feature creep is easy but here are a few items I have thought 
would be great:

-Some sort of  scripting access to Journal files so one can build media 
players (slideshows, music player etc) without internalizing the files.

-Ogg Theora video seems to be the format of the Recording Activity so we 
should support that.

-Diego's Image Processing (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2411) and since 
there is no photo enhancement / adjusting activity I know of it is quite 

-Export of pictures to Journal

-Enhance the sound and music tools in the image so they look and feel 
and behave better.

-Skeleton (http://languagegame.org:8888/ggame/11) and further enhance 
the spread sheet and animation

Faster project loading could make diverse activities possible by quick 
loading of features.

Did I forget anything ? :-)


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