[Etoys] Can Playing of Etoys Event Theatre be saved as screencast (e.g. OGG)?

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 17 22:04:12 EST 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On 15.12.2008, at 06:57, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> > I cannot find any option for it, but was wondering if "playing" of
> > Event Theatre can be "saved as" or converted to a video format such
> > as ogg. I realize one can use a screencast software to capture that
> > section of window but that seems to be a 2-step process, external to
> > etoys..
> That would indeed be a very desirable feature. Right now it's not
> supported. Event theater only records events (including voice over)
> and plays back by re-executing the events.
> What could be implemented relatively easily is to store a series of
> pictures while playing back, and save the audio as a WAV or similar.
> Then you could use an external tool to create a video from that.
> Even cooler (but probably much less simple) would be to use the new
> GStreamer support to encode an OGG video directly from Etoys. 

Thanks for your comments - Interesting. I would not know where to start, but 
maybe one day ... in relation to that, would it make sense to tackle it in the 
new (Tweak-based) Etoys - I am not sure it is on the radar.


> That
> could really give "one button publishing". Let's see if someone
> tackles this :)
> - Bert -

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