[Etoys] Can Playing of Etoys Event Theatre be saved as screencast (e.g. OGG)?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Dec 15 15:00:37 EST 2008

On 15.12.2008, at 06:57, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> I cannot find any option for it, but was wondering if "playing" of  
> Event Theatre can be "saved as" or converted to a video format such  
> as ogg. I realize one can use a screencast software to capture that  
> section of window but that seems to be a 2-step process, external to  
> etoys..

That would indeed be a very desirable feature. Right now it's not  
supported. Event theater only records events (including voice over)  
and plays back by re-executing the events.

What could be implemented relatively easily is to store a series of  
pictures while playing back, and save the audio as a WAV or similar.  
Then you could use an external tool to create a video from that.

Even cooler (but probably much less simple) would be to use the new  
GStreamer support to encode an OGG video directly from Etoys. That  
could really give "one button publishing". Let's see if someone  
tackles this :)

- Bert -

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