[Etoys] how to let activities write to file without risking security

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Tue Apr 8 09:21:43 EDT 2008

Ties Stuij wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 4:46 PM, Korakurider <korakurider at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 7:16 PM, Ties Stuij <cjstuij at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  > But if someone has a good idea about
>>  >  saving an image and writing to the changes file on the XO, I'm all
>>  >  ears.
>>    If you just want to save your work during development in Squeak,
>>    the setup procedure in
>>  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Smalltalk_Development_on_XO might help.
> During development, making the relevant directory world writable
> should be sufficient I guess.
>>    I think it is no good to directly overwrite ootb image/change file
>>  on activity directory.
> As a general policy, no. But I just wondered about it in general. The
> situation seems to me to be a bit ugly. Maybe I should just go on and
> do practical stuff though. But it would be useful perhaps when some
> kids might want to start hacking on Squeak level. But maybe not...
> /Ties
> ______________
A activity with Squeak would be nice, and even useful :-) It could just 
be the Etoy dev image with write permission.


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