[Etoys] Viewer on Morph, Viewer on Object?

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sat Apr 5 17:56:27 EDT 2008

polishookm wrote:
> karl wrote:
>> polishookm wrote:
>>> I think I've been seeing an option for a viewer on an object as well 
>>> as the viewer on morph. But the viewer on object option seems to 
>>> have disappeared from my etoys-dev.image.
>>> .... Can someone tell me where to find it? (Where should it be .... 
>>> I think I've been accessing it from debug through a halo).
>> There is a preference called Universal tiles that could do something 
>> like this but it is broken in the latest images. 
> Ok. .. Specifically what I'm seeing is if I open a halo and then go to 
> the debug option (either through a menu or by clicking on the debug 
> icon), a menu appears that I assume should always include
> Open Viewer on Player
> Open Viewer on Morph
> What I'm actually seeing is that sometimes one or the other of these 
> options is missing. In that case, if I open a viewer by clicking on 
> the blue icon (in the halo), a viewer on the Player opens. If I go 
> back to the menu (from the menu icon or the debug icon), I will then 
> see both options as shown above.
> As best as I can tell, it's an inconsistent little bug that doesn't 
> really seem to effect anything but can make looking at menus into a 
> bit of a hit-or-miss endeavor.
> When I can  open a viewer on Morph instead of Player, should I then be 
> able to mix and match tiles with Player-derived tiles?
As far as I know what you see is part of a extension to the current etoy 
system and partly implemented brigde between the etoy and Smalltalk 
environment. I'm not sure which state this system is in and there could 
be some rough edges, but I highly recommend you to try it out and report 
any progress back to this list. Not that all problems you will encounter 
are easy to solve but we can all learn from this, which is good.


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