[Etoys] Viewer on Morph, Viewer on Object?

polishookm polishookm at mail.montclair.edu
Sat Apr 5 20:09:40 EDT 2008

>> When I can  open a viewer on Morph instead of Player, should I then 
>> be able to mix and match tiles with Player-derived tiles?
> As far as I know what you see is part of a extension to the current 
> etoy system and partly implemented brigde between the etoy and 
> Smalltalk environment. I'm not sure which state this system is in and 
> there could be some rough edges, but I highly recommend you to try it 
> out and report any progress back to this list. Not that all problems 
> you will encounter are easy to solve but we can all learn from this, 
> which is good.

I haven't had much luck in getting tiles from viewer on Morph to work. 
For example (if in viewer script):

EllipseMorph borderColor: Color white (all as a tile)

does nothing. When I exit out to the enclosing project, I receive an 
error message that says

Message notUnderstood: EllipseMorph >> prepareToBeRunning

Of course because I'm a fairly absolute beginner, there's always the 
possibility that I've just missed something obvious .... :)

> Karl

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