[Etoys] RE : [Squeakland] Importing wav files

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Sep 27 17:28:50 EDT 2007

Hi, Karl and Pierre-André,

Thank you both for this work!

We now have three different bodies of code afoot that address sound  
issues -- the recent code from the two of you, and also some not-yet- 
published code of our own concerning sound-library management.

Within the next two weeks, we'll scrutinize all this code, integrate  
as appropriate, and put the result out as an etoys2.2 update.

Meanwhile, further tweaks and further discussions remain most  
welcome.  Thanks again to all!


   -- Scott

On Sep 25, 2007, at 11:18 AM, karl wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just started a kind of unification of the sound stuff and  
> made some progress.
> I made a SoundTool (Which I should rename SoundLibraryTool) that  
> lists the sounds in the sound library. You can also open a  
> WaveEditor on the sounds and you get a tile when you click on the  
> sound.
> I have made a SoundPlayerMorph that pops up when a wav or aif is  
> dropped on Squeak. With SoundPlayerMorph you can get a tile of the  
> sound without adding it to the library. You can add the sound to  
> the library or edit it in WaveEditor.
> There are also other fixes to the sound classes.
> A few notes on your post:
> FileDialogs are not part of the etoys image any longer.
> MP3 files are quite big and external MP3 files is maybe the best  
> solution on the OLPC.
> Karl
> Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> You can donwload this project
>> http://ofset.org:8000/super/uploads/traitementSons.015.pr
>> It contains just a change set adding some feature to the sound  
>> recorder.
>> The halo's menu has two new items:
>> Load SoundFile and Remove Sound from Librairy.
>> Load SoundFile open a file browser window and let you see aiff and  
>> wave sounds.
>> Sound loaded behave  the same as recorded sound.
>> To put it in the sound library just hit the tile button.
>> You can ignore the button install , it will load French  
>> translation for menu items and some messages.
>> To get a soundrecorder  in English, just throw  away the french  
>> one, change the language to English and get a new one from object  
>> catalog.
>> For another language, just change the language to yours, edit the  
>> script install in the World's viewer and run it. It is important  
>> to change the language first since translations are added to the  
>> current language.
>> For the olpc team:
>> Feel free to add this changes to the OLPC image if you like it. 
>> (And add mp3 by the way (if possible ))
>> Regards
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>>  On Saturday 22 September 2007 8:02 pm, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>>> And there is no sound library tool which could reference all sounds
>>>> present in the Etoys sound tiles. How should such a tool be
>>>> implemented ? Like a book ?
>>> Maybe a parts bin with all these little tiles? Or like the object
>>> catalog where we have sorting and filtering options? That would be a
>>> nice contribution. The core developers must focus on fixing bugs and
>>> implement missing support now (it's only one month to First
>>> Deployment), but I for one welcome such improvements from others.
>> Squeak does not have a generic mechanism for browsing non-text  
>> collections like sound, video or even projects contained within an  
>> image. I like the catalog idea with some extensions. The browser  
>> manages a collection of tags each of which represent a collection.  
>> Then it could display the tag names in the top pane with a  
>> 'more ...' button. A selected collection tag could be iterated in  
>> the bottom pane. Collections could register their tags with the  
>> catalog browser and allow operations for iterations, icons, tiles,  
>> morphs, players, editors etc.
>> The file/directory browser is also a catalog browser except that  
>> the collection is generated on the fly (by a file or directory  
>> open operation) and transient (i.e. not saved in an image but  
>> disposed by close operation). A directory would be tagged  
>> collection of Morphs. A mime detector would attempt to match a  
>> file into an existing morph (e.g. wav, flv, mpg, .image etc.).
>> Any ideas to get me started? .. Subbu
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