[Etoys] Smaller onion skin for painting

subbukk subbukk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 04:58:02 EDT 2007


When presented with a large onion skin for sketches, I noticed kids tend to  
treat it like a large sheet of paper and draw whole pictures instead of 
drawing small objects and assembling them into widgets. The skin distorts the 
colors of objects already in the world, so kids shuffle it around when using 
color picker.

Since Etoys is all about encouraging kids to assemble widgets, shouldn't the 
default size be reduced? I tried various sizes and found 320x300 to be a nice 
default. It leaves enough of the screen estate visible (for picking colors) 
while giving enough area to draw small objects.

	^320 @ 300

Regards .. Subbu

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