[Etoys] Only three weeks ...

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Sep 24 18:30:47 EDT 2007

... do we officially have to finalize the version of Etoys that will  
be used on the first mass-produced machines (see Kim Q's message below).

The most critical issue we still have is translations. We need to get  
Pango support in ASAP - is this week realistic? And, support adding  
translations without rebuilding the image.

The other big thing is sharing - I'll work on the lower level  
mechanics, and someone should investigate the feasibility of our  
"shared playfield" idea.

- Bert -

Begin forwarded message from "Kim Quirk" <kim at laptop.org>
> Schedule:
> This week we are going to finalize the build for Trial-3. We are  
> not putting any more bug fixes in to the code base without approval  
> from Jim or Kim. Jim is reviewing all the bugs from the blocking  
> status through high priority to find the few that still need to be  
> addressed. Kim is looking at all the normal and low priority bugs  
> with the intention of finding a good future release for them. We  
> are about a week behind where we want to be and we expect to drop  
> the first release of OFW (and OS) to Quanta (mfg) at the end of  
> this week.
> The FRS schedule is right on the tail of this Trial-3 release.  
> People who are not working on the few critical bugs left in  
> trial-3, please start in on the bugs that have been moved into FRS.  
> These fixes will need to be checked into a different stream (Jim,  
> can you provide direction?). It is important that you have a place  
> to check in and test; but these FRS fixes should NOT go into the  
> next Trial-3 build.
> FRS code freeze is only 3 weeks from today.

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