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Tue Sep 25 10:01:34 EDT 2007


2. What repository should we use for our project files?
We're developing a set of activities as project files, much like
Demon's Castle and Etoys Challenge. We're trying to choose between a
shared folder, git/svn/etc repository, attachments on Wiki pages, a
SuperSwiki, etc. How's it done for the projects that ship with the XO?

3. To begin with we're using a custom Squeak image to run our
activities in. This is mostly a simple way to make our Smalltalk
codebase available to all projects. Should we be thinking about a
better way to do this?

Finally I've found a performance-degradation problem with
Morph>>duplicate that I haven't figured out how to reproduce from a
fresh image. In one of my images Morph>>duplicate is spending lots of
time (600ms on a fast machine) searching for a unique name in the
series Sketch1/Sketch2/etc. It seems to be rejecting thousands of
names that have actually fallen out of use (their morphs have been
garbage collected). In this image I've found the following dubious
change helpful in PasteUpMorph>>uniqueNameForReferenceFor:

old: ((self referencePool includesKey: nameSym) not and:
new: (((self referencePool at: nameSym ifAbsent: nil) isNil) and:

because many names are present as keys in the referencePool with value
nil. I'm not sure if this is the right thing or how I ended up with so
many names in use.


P.S. TimeProfileBrowser is a dreamboat!

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