[Etoys] Translation paths

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Sep 19 13:03:29 EDT 2007

On Sep 19, 2007, at 16:24 , Xavier Alvarez wrote:

> On Tuesday 18 September 2007 18:28, Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
> TY> >> PS: Etoys has been pulled out of fedora's site...
> TY> >
> TY> > I don't think so:
> TY> >
> TY> > 	http://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/olpc-etoys
> TY>
> TY> I know sometimes it doesn't work correctly, maybe it is
> TY> because transition from git to svn.
> TY>
> TY> You can download the master translation files from
> TY> http://etoys.laptop.org/svn/trunk/etoys/po/
> TY> The fedora site is just a mirror of the repository.

Apparently the fedora site now pulls directly from our svn repository.

> There were a whole bunch of .es.po included in the zip in ticket
> #3518 - that are still in the limbo (on Fedora Etoys has been
> 'popping ing and out', as if undecided on staying or leaving ;)

That was because we moved the po files from git to svn and fedora  
first pulled from git and then from svn.

> but never with the 'updated' POs...

According to the svn logs they should be there.

> TY> 2. Make and discuss new translations with web interface.
> TY> 3. When some work finished, report as a ticket (or mail to
> TY>    the list). Because there are so many .po files, I can't
> TY>    notice about new file by myself.
> TY> 4. The new file is committed the svn by a developer (maybe
> TY>    me).
> TY>
> TY> Although, some of you feel confusing because we have both
> TY> launchpad and fedora site,
> I'm confused :)  That's my natural state, but the more I try to
> figure things out, the more confused I get (that is not so
> natural ;)
> I have no problem posting to the wiki that eToys will be only
> using launchpad; write, web, sugar, etc. will be in fedora, and
> so for each activity. But currently nobody can know if they'll
> work in vain...

I think I'd prefer this, using launchpad exclusively. As far as I can  
tell it is also possible to download and upload po files, so offline  
work is possible with it.

> Working in vein (iow, redoing previously work done by others) is
> very common when you are new to something and ignore the
> procedures... but when there are no real working procedures (and
> you find out) that is something that frustrates everybody.

Etoys used its own translation system previously. We only just  
switched to po files, and need to become familiar with the process  

> So, could we at least get an ad-hoc, per-activity, set of
> directives that will enable l10n to actually make it full-circle:
>  - in a decent amount of time (or if it's > 24hs explicit)
>  - in a predictable way
> (by full circle I mean that a translator will actually download or
> look at the latest versions, not prehistoric ones, and actually
> build on top of the work of others thus having a community).
> TY>well, I prefer to delay the
> TY> decision a while...
> If it helps, here's my vote (not based on the technical) and
> regarding Etoys:
> - ditch fedora (maybe even remove it's listing in the l10n to
> avoid confusion, or until it syncs ok)
> - use launchpad

Agreed, but I'd defer the decision to Takashi.

> PS: I've started using some OBXes in the wiki for tracking
> activities (and their l10n), Etoys was one of the updated pages,
> and now we have *lots* (maybe too many?) categories of missing
> POT & PO (per language) so when a translator shows up we'll be
> able to tell them: check [[Category:such lang-xx]] to find what
> is missing... it would be nice if their work could be integrated.

I have no idea what an OBX is and why some languages are missing -  
looks fine at launchpad and in svn.

- Bert -

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